Far too many businesses sign up to a one or two year SEO contract, without any guarantee of success or money back.

A business meets a shiny, smiley salesperson, they are shown a flashy presentation and are promised the stars and sign a contract. The client feels like all is going to be good and can't wait for the phone to start ringing.

The client usually waits a month or maybe two for their phone to ring. They start trying to get hold of someone at that shiny SEO company. When they finally do they are given excuses or empty promises that they will get a call very soon. After around three months the client usually realises they have been sold a pup.

So before joining up with any SEO company, check you can cancel at any time or at the very least, with a month’s notice. Before the contract starts, ask for a brief report of your website’s current position and where they anticipate you will be after one or two months. Make sure you have access to a tracking app and can monitor your website’s visitors and can track your improvement against their projections.

Finally if you have not had many enquiries or are not happy with the results after a month or so, it's time to cancel.

Here is a four point summary.

  1. Ensure you can cancel when you want

  2. Get a report on your website’s position before the contract starts 

  3. Ensure your visitors are increasing

  4. Monitor your inbound enquiries

If you need further information or examples please drop me a line. 

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