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Going For Gold: A quick 5 step guide to a great website

Is your website average, poor or amazing?

Is your website average, poor or amazing?

If the answer to the following five questions is 'yes', then it's likely that your website is awesome and you are ready for business! However, if not, you are missing out on a vital marketing opportunity

Do you have a great logo?

We find that companies frequently overlook their logo. It's a fact - first impressions count.

A logo is the first thing everyone sees and remembers. A top logo should be recognisable, memorable and used on everything you create. If someone doesn't warm to your logo, they may not warm to your company.

If your site is not appearing in search engines for your industry's buzzwords - alarm bells should be ringing.

Is your website mobile friendly?

Nearly all web users browse on their mobiles - just like you are now. If your site is not mobile friendly, the text will be too small, or the viewer will not be able to view the whole width of the page. Ultimately, they will not enjoy your site and will be more likely to use an alternative website (whilst not recommending, sharing or tweeting it either!).

Does the site have a good layout?

The user should be able to quickly find the product or service they visited your website for.

If your site is cluttered with no margins and 'breathing space' it can lead to confusion. The user gets distracted, taking them away from what they were originally looking to buy from you.

Ensure your home page gives easy, simple access to your products or services.

Is your code web- and search-engine friendly?

Of course you expect your site to be web-friendly - it sits nicely on a server, it looks great in your browser and was produced by that lovely designer you met networking or amazing hosting company you saw on TV. So it must be web-friendly! Or is it?

In the website world, you get what you pay for. A cheap self-build or off-the-shelf template may look great, but if they function on reams of non-standard code you'll get penalised by search engine trawlers.

If your site is not appearing in search engines for your industry's buzzwords or not even for your name in search results, alarm bells should be ringing.

Is your website accessible?

Just like the real world, the web has to be accessible too! There are many accessibility tags that can be included in your website behind the scenes, just like a mobile website.

Some accessibility factors go hand-in-hand with web-friendliness and search engine optimisation, providing people with special viewing or hearing requirements a better experience of your site.

If you've answered 'no' to any of the above, get in touch and we'll put your website on the podium!

By John Rother

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