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There are thousands of companies who sell 'SEO', and there are few companies who actually properly provide SEO...

There are thousands of companies who sell SEO, but there are few who actually properly provide SEO services.

Confusing one with the other costs UK businesses millions of pounds per month.

There are a lot of glossy, hip SEO agencies who know a little about SEO and will sell this as a service. Then, there are a few experienced and professional agencies who have been doing it for years as an intrinsic part of their website delivery service, and they know it works when done right.

Why isn’t your SEO agency on page one for industry keywords?

A lot of web agencies will use this buzz word or say that they do "SEO" just to sell you a website or take your money, knowing the majority of business owners know less about it than they do.

Considering there are only 10 spaces on the first page of Google for most areas, knowing only a little bit about SEO is not effective in the real world. So finding one of the few knowledgeable SEO agencies will stand your business in good stead.

We also see a lot of SEO agencies pushing key phrases that no one uses. There is no point being top for 'Best Surfboard Tooting' or 'Pet Shop Canary Wharf ', unless you are a very specialist service.  You should only be aiming for key phrases that get over 1,000 searches per month.

Real SEO is not cheap but will provide good value for money. If there is a key phrase that is delivering traffic, the chances are businesses are spending significant sums of money chasing that key phrase.

In Summary

There are thousands of under-experienced SEO companies, and they usually employ a larger sales team than technical team. They are often pushy and use flashy marketing materials.

Before signing up with anyone, do some basic checks:

  1. Make sure that their own website is on the first page of Google for “SEO + your town/area”
  2. Ask if they are on the first page of Google for anything and note their response.
  3. Ask for 5 examples of their clients' sites and check where they are in Google.

If they aren’t on the first page of Google for their own site and they can’t provide five of their own clients who are, then you know they are selling SEO and not actually providing it.  Give a wide berth and find a company that does "know their sh*t" instead!

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