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Every day, we get many 'junk' emails from people purporting to be SEO experts offering their services. To the uninitiated, the promises may seem trustworthy and the prospect tempting.

Every day, we get many 'junk' emails from people purporting to be SEO experts offering their services.

To the uninitiated, the promises may seem trustworthy and the prospect tempting. Having spent money on a website, you may realise it is not bringing in the business you had hoped for.

You may think a further, small investment will pay dividends.

You could liken it to having a car without petrol in it. The car will go nowhere without it, after all, and now you are beginning to realise that a website without SEO won't get you very far, either.

You reason, therefore, it must be worth a punt. You may have realised, reluctantly, that just because you have a shop window doesn't mean people will automatically come to your shop. After all, there is no shortage of shops selling more or less what you sell. So you need to attract attention to your [online] shop window.

Whether you like it or not, you have no right to get your money back

One day, an email drops into your inbox saying that, for a fee, these people will round customers up and get them into your shop. You are confident that once they are in there, they will buy your product. After all, you wouldn't be selling what you sell if you didn't believe it was quality at the right price.

You have a chat, these nice people sound credible, and after all, you don't have the time or the inclination to learn about the complexities of something you had never heard of until recently: you are too busy - but perhaps not as busy as you would like to be - running your business to bother with all this.

It seems a good idea, then, to outsource this SEO business to someone who knows what they are doing. And they did insist it would be money well spent. So petrol in the car, and off we go at top speed, right?

Not necessarily. You may soon come to realise that you are stalling. And you don't understand why. Maybe it was the wrong kind of petrol. But you've bought it now and you can't get a refund.

This is how it might be with your SEO company - you are locked into a contract and, whether you like it or not, you have no right to get your money back. The contract runs down, and you find you have thrown good money after bad.

Of course, you could go the whole hog, bypassing SEO and simply paying for an advert. That would guarantee you a place on page one of Google.

The problem there is that savvy customers know you have paid for that advert. Nothing wrong with that, of course, but ultimately, they may feel, the cost of that advert is borne buy the consumer, built in to the price of whatever goods or service they are buying.

A bit of a minefield, isn't it?

The problem is, getting to page one of Google is akin to a game of chess. What's more, the rules keep changing. Google wants to see quality, relevant sites rise to the top in order to maintain its integrity and standing as the number one search engine. It didn't happen by accident and they are not going to let their position go easily. To this end, they have over 200 criteria, 'tests' if you like, that you have to pass to get to page one. This is not simply a mathematical code that you have to crack to get you to the summit. Rather, it is a complex web [excuse the pun!] of subtle, but important, elements that add up to achieving a site worthy of a high position.

I could go on - some of these things are common sense, some are trade secrets which we have unlocked - but the chances are, all you want to know is - can Design Brothers get us results, and how do I know they won't be like so many other SEO outfits who just take the money and run?

We can reassure you 100% on that point. Simply put, with Design Brothers SEO, you cannot lose. Too good to be true? No, and here's why.

We do not tie you to a contract - just pay on a month-by-month basis, and if you want to walk away, walk away.

We provide monthly reports on your Google status, but ultimately, we want to put you in control. We provide you special access to google analytics and you can see for yourself what you are achieving.

If we don't do the business for your business, you don't pay. It's that simple. We pledge to improve your Google rating for key phrases month-by-month. And when you reach the top page, we say we will keep you there. That is our guarantee. No results, no revenue for us.

We think this is a unique approach to SEO. But more than that, we aim to establish a long-term relationship with you - it's in our mutual best interests after all - and work collaboratively to achieve the results we both want to see.

Give us a call and let us show you how we add to and enhance our client's success.

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