Ok, you may not receive all enquiries via telephone, but ultimately if your website or online marketing is not working, it's likely you are not receiving new enquiries.

The majority of our new clients come from online marketing with some referrals from those loyal customers who pass on our name. Yet again half of those nice customers originally found us via the web, the small remainder are from networking events and we are of course guilty of making the odd few cold or warm calls.

If we sum this up over 80% of our new clients come from a mix of Google searches, Facebook and Twitter. This is a fairly cost effective and time saving way of selling if you have a good system in place.

So let's get back on track! Is your phone ringing with enquiries?.. Is your website doing what it's designed to do?.. Or are you battling hard to find business through other methods?  How much do other ways of selling cost you in time and money when compared to fixing issues you may have with your website?  A small fix may cost £200 or a complete rebuild may be over £1000. Either way how much is your time worth?.. and could you be doing better things with that time?

A good website is a good investment that will last five or so years. That's less than a quid a day!

Cheap self build websites may look good but the results can be horrific, often resulting in business owners desperately turning to other methods of marketing and selling that are not as cost effective.

So, before you start spending time or money elsewhere, or start blaming the market, take a quick look to find out where you are in Google.

This is where the majority of your potential new customers are searching for you!

Good SEO, as provided by Design Brothers, can make things easier and as simple as it can be in a complicated world.

If you don't get to page one on Google for your trade, or you are not happy with the results - you can cancel at any time, and that's it.  Other SEO firms will tie you to a contract, probably a year, take your money, and move on.

Design Brothers work on results, and ethics.

If you are not on page one of Google, you might as well not have a website.

When did you last look at page 438 for a plumber.

Exactly - You need guidance.