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The world has become an online minefield and there's more competition now than ever before. So just what does it take to stand out from the crowd?

In this article, we take a look at our Top Four rated ‘tried and tested’ online sales tips, to help grow your business and drive more sales.

Four Ways to Grow Your Sales Online

Search Engine Optimisation [SEO]

In first place - Organic SEO remains the best way of driving visitors to your website and therefore to your business, resulting in over 80% of online leads and sales.

And These Leads Are Hot!

Not only are visitors landing directly on your website, but they were already actively searching out your services before they even picked up the phone. So if you have a killer website, you can't go far wrong!

Google does not rank your website by its looks or fancy animation, but by its quality and accessibility. So if you’ve used an overly common or regular system to build your website, your website has just become one amongst thousands of others in your trade.  So it’s important to start with a professionally built site if you intend to use it to grow your business.

Pay Per Click [Ad Words / PPC]

Secondly, uf you are time-poor,Pay Per Click can be a shortcut to success, but it is only a temporary fix.  We have found some businesses who have been using it for many years and others who found it far too expensive or a complete waste of time.

We believe PPC works best when you have a well laid out website, this reduces your cost per click and therefore your total monthly spend. That said, we have found some businesses spending half of what others are, and yet having greater success.

Social Media Promotion

Whether it be subliminal or active, we are all absorbing brands, adverts and information every time we use social media.While some companies receive most of their enquiries from Instagram or Twitter, these companies spend a lot of time investing in it, taking photos, editing and finding new things to post. So does it pay? Yes, but your content needs to be of a high quality and posts need to remain interesting.  

Why Does Social Media Work?

Mostly, because humans are nosey and they can spy on what's happening at their local nail bar, whose got the latest colour, whose at what holiday resort, and what did that plumber find at his last callout!

We believe social media drives less sales traffic than SEO or PPC, making social media third on our list.Seated comfortably between PPC and Social Media is paid Social Media advertising, so we feel this needs no explaining in this overview.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is extremely useful for clubs and signed up or subscribed customers. How else would you keep your members updated with regular news, industry changes or half price clothes?  And it remains effective when used correctly (and not over-used).  Due to changes in legislation with GDPR, it’s less easy to get people to subscribe, so it’s number 4 on our list.


You cannot beat a professional websitem set up to be as search engine friendly as possible, twin that with a bit of PPC or social media and you’re going to start well and ongoing SEO will continue to drive your website up the rankings and increase your business.

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